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Sailing opportunities

S/Y Erato and Captain Aris are in Nafplio ready to realise your dreams of sailing trips on the Greek seas and our beautiful islands.

S/Y Erato, Lunch stop is a classic 42-foot yacht, with a modern sail plan a lot of deck equipment and electronic instruments. She is available in Nafplio, and captain Aris is the owner and her skipper.

This is a seaworthy yacht, safe, fast and dry. In the hands of a reasonably good helmsman, spray is a rare event, even in rough weather.

With the sails trimmed, Erato sails straight into the wind without steering. The helmsman just watches.

Being privately owned, there is a flexibility that you will not find as easily elsewhere. For example, you can start and finish your trip any day of the week. It does not have to begin and end on a Saturday.

With Erato you have all the time that you pay for. You embark in the morning of your first day and disembark whenever you return on the last day. Makes sense? It is not what always happens.

Since captain Aris is on-board with you he does not demand a security deposit for damages or losses. He makes it his duty to prevent these, and they rarely happen.

Hanging from a halyardHe knows his boat very well and can deal with any technical problems that may arise so you do not find yourselves waiting a day or two for a technician.

Captain Aris does not have clients.

He has friends here in Greece and all over the world - the result of treating people with respect and a friendly attitude.

And they have a good time.

steeringYou get a pleasant sailing trip, not merely a boat. It can be a day sailing trip, summer holiday cruise, birthday cruise, honeymoon cruise, corporate team-building cruise, or sailing lessons and practical experience for those who want to be able to manage a sailing yacht by themselves and perhaps be competent skippers one day.

Daily cruises are the ideal way to have a nice day on the water and to have your first introduction to sailing.

Nafplio is an ideal place to start from. The geography of the area is very attractive and also it has a calming effect on the weather. The notorious meltemi is a lot less strong here than in other areas of Greece and even if the wind comes up, the waves are smaller for the wind strength. This is because of the small fetch whatever the direction. Also there are many well sheltered bays, where you can anchor with clear water for swimming and no dangers. Sharks are never seen but there are some dolphins, a delightful spectacle, in the area.

heelingWeekly cruises are well known as one of the best ways to enjoy your summer holidays and see the beauty of Greece accessible only from a yacht.

This is where Nafplio has an advantage over other places for starting your trip. You start your cruise from a very beautiful and interesting location. From Nafplio you have the option of cruising East Peloponese down to the island of Kythira, the Saronic gulf islands and ports, or the Cyclades islands with Mykonos and Santorini as the coveted destinations. It all depends on how much time you have.

Advanced lessons of boat handling under motor and sail are the next step after a sailing school. You learn how to deal with emergencies during sailing and also with the difficulties when arriving into a port. These are the challenges that a beginner faces.

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